Day 207 – February 23, 2015

Yesterday I had a bit of an epiphany. My “problem” in the publishing world is that I am too unique, right? At least, that’s what agents are telling me. They love my ideas, they love my writing style, they love how unique my stuff is…but that’s exactly why they can’t represent me. Okay, fine. So what are my options? Keep being a struggling indie author with unique ideas, or conform a bit more and write something less unique, and maybe be given a more widespread opportunity? Well, sorry, but I’ll keep struggling.

So here was my epiphany: if I’m going to be different anyway, I may as well be really different. Thus, a new marketing approach. Thus, giving up a day of self-promotion every week – just because it makes me happy to give back to others. Thus, my fictional character live tweeting from the Oscars.

As one of my dearest friends said last night as this was going on, “Go big or go ice skating.” I love that! You can fully expect that to be on an Abigail Phelps t-shirt before all is said and done. (Okay, there may not be a big market for Abigail Phelps t-shirts…) But why not? I have weird ideas, and I come across as rather fearless about it all sometimes. Truthfully, I’m not fearless at all, but I do tend to jump in and do things before I really have a chance to think about them. And actually, that has mostly served me well. So that’s my new approach. Go big or go ice skating.


Day 198 – February 14, 2015

I did something totally unexpected today. I mean, unexpected to me. Isn’t that fun when you surprise yourself?

I queried an agent. Okay…no big surprise there. I do that fairly often now. But you haven’t heard the unexpected part… I queried a literary agent not for Middle Ground, but for the Abby books. What?!? Yep. The Abby books. The ones which have been out there, self-published, and are already on their second edition. Most agents and publishers won’t even look at books which have already been published. Too much exposure. They want something brand new. (Though not brand new when it comes to ideas, of course. Then you’re just ahead of your time. Sorry…do I sound jaded? Ha!) But some agents will consider self-published work – I just hadn’t found any who seemed worth the trouble.

Today I discovered a top notch literary agency which claims to be open to considering self-published work, and they also represent the author of a book which is so well known I would only have to mutter the two words of the title and everyone would immediately grasp how legitimate this agency is. So…I had to try.

We’ll see. I’m not expecting anything to come of it. That sounds like I am being pessimistic but I really don’t think I am. But I am being realistic. Again, we’ll see.