Day 364 – July 30, 2015

Tomorrow morning (beginning at 6:15 a.m., no less!) Kelly, the boys, and I get to go on hot air balloon rides. I’m equally excited and terrified. I think it’s going to be a momentous, beautiful way to spend Day 365, primarily because “equally excited and terrified” is pretty much the way I could describe this entire year.

As Kelly said yesterday, going up in a hot air balloon is one of those bucket list things for a lot of people. He actually did it once before, and he said it was an experience unlike anything else he has ever know. So now we have been given this opportunity – this gift – and it doesn’t matter how scared I am…of course I’m doing it! If I didn’t, how much would I regret it? If I didn’t, what would I miss out on?

Ethan is even more nervous than I am. He has a pretty legitimate fear of heights, but he’s going to do it, too. He wants to. In spite of the fear. We were all talking about it last night and he was being overly dramatic (I wonder where he gets that…) and saying things like, “What if we die?” I surprised myself with my response – not that I said it, but that I meant it. I said, “Every day, people die of heart attacks, or in car accidents. Every single day. But how many people ever get the chance to die in a hot air balloon accident?”

I know that may sound morbid (and don’t worry…we did go on to tell him how safe it is, and how incredibly unlikely it is that anything bad will happen), but think about it. What’s the point of living a life where you never do anything different? Where you never take any chances? I’m not talking about irresponsible risks – I’m talking about taking a chance. This entire year, for me, has been all about taking a chance, and my life is so much better today because of it.

Exciting and terrifying. But totally worth it.


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