Day 360 – July 26, 2015

What weekend?

Well, the Michael W. Smith concert was amazing. Our little party had perfect seats in the second and third rows, stage left. When he sat at the keyboard he was directly facing us, and actually looking straight at us. (I mean, he may not have really been looking at us, but you could pretend he was!) It was a time of entertainment, but also praise, and it was really a very powerful experience.

And today, the very powerful experiences just kept on coming. We got to witness eight people being baptized in the river, and two of them are kids I have gotten to work with through children’s ministry. Sometimes, you have frustrating days. Sometimes, you just think how nice it would be to sleep in on a Sunday morning, or at least only have to go to one service. But then a kid writes in his testimony about growing closer to God during Vacation Bible School, and you’re reminded what a blessing it is to just be a small part of God’s work in the lives of these kids.

Sleeping in seems so overrated.


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