Day 351 – July 17, 2015

I haven’t been promoting the Abigail Phelps books at all lately. They are still out there, of course…but no one is buying. I always managed to sell a few here and there, but with absolutely zero effort being put into promotion, well…I’m getting an even return on my investment. IF things work out and we move towards publication on the Christian romance, the Abby books will probably be going away for a while. That’s a big IF, of course. But even IF…there is a part of me that thinks I should try to sell as many copies as I can before that happens, just to try to bring in a little money before I have to say goodbye to that little bit of income, however paltry. But the way things work in my life, I dare not.

Timing always plays a huge and hilarious role in my life. And the way things go, I would sell several more books over the course of the next few weeks, one of those copies would go to someone with influence who loves the book, and then there would be a big opportunity thrown at me. Maybe that seems unlikely to you. But in my life? That’s completely likely. And you may be thinking, “Well, would that really be such a bad thing?” It could be. IF.

So…I watch the Amazon ranking drop, and drop, and drop…

A couple of days ago marked one year since I re-released the Abby books, as a trilogy. In the past year, I have worked non-stop to bring attention to the books. I’ve done interviews and book signings and SO many social media things. And it went okay. For a couple of days I was even a genre #1 on Amazon. That was a huge accomplishment, and I worked very hard to get there. And now I’m just watching the free fall, trying to convince myself that I don’t care.

And you know what’s funny? I’ve suddenly realized that I really don’t care. Sure, a little more money coming in would be nice. But other than that? It’s all good. Just the idea of the IF has brought such focus and clarity to it all.


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